Diane D. & Barry F.

When I found out that my husband of 21 years would need hip replacement surgery in May 2009, I was scared to death and so was he. My husband has been my partner for 21 years and if anything happened to him, I would be at death's door. My Endocrinologist, Dr. Bloomgarden, recommended you as his hip replacement surgeon. I knew I was in good hands because Dr. Bloomgarden has recommended only top physicians to me during my 20+ years as his patient.

Most doctors are so busy that they can never speak to you on the telephone, either during the week, or, on the weekend. You were an exception to this "rule". You were always available to me via telephone and e-mail anytime I called you. I sent frantic messages day and night about my husband's surgery, before his surgery - during his surgery and many months after his surgery and you were always there for me with your help and reassurance. I will never forget your compassion and kindness during the most difficult period of our lives. You are an exceptional surgeon and an exceptional human being.

I could never have survived my husband's surgery without your emotional support, your guidance and your help. My husband was limping and in terrible pain for twelve months before his surgery. After his surgery, he can walk without a cane and has no pain in his hip at all. During my office Christmas party last year Barry was unable to dance with me due to his severe hip pain. After his surgery, he walks perfectly, without a limp, without a cane, as if he never had a problem.

On December 12, 2009, we will dance together for the first time in 12 months at my office Christmas party. We are both sincerely grateful to you for your constant reassurance, help and support during a very difficult period of our lives. You were there for us every moment, prior to surgery, after surgery and 6 months thereafter. You will always have a very special place our hearts. Sincere and warm thanks for all you have done.

Helen O.

I shattered my knee in 1982, and was transported from Kingston, NY (referred by Dr. Tannin) to The Orthopedic Institute in NYC. I think it was East 14Th St. I was on Medicaid at that time and was very lucky to have the opportunity for you to operate on my knee. It was a Tibial Plateau. You were 35 yrs old. I remember. I am now 73 years old now, and have coverage should I need any further surgery.

I use to love to dance when I was young. Got married at 18 and after 4 children and a bad marriage I lived without any dancing for 30 or more years. After you operated on my knee, and after a long recovery, I ventured out at the age of 50. I got a job at Met Life and a few years later with friends started dancing again. I think I danced my feet off for at least 10 yrs.

This was all because of your excellent surgery. I have met many people who have had the same procedure. None of them can walk as well as I can. No one watching me dance knew about my knee, and no one knew WHY I wanted to dance so much. Please accept my gratitude. It was so lucky for me to meet you.

When my daughter, Nikki had her child in 1984, we came to see you re: her baby had a foot that turned in. You assured her he was OK. You were right. That daughter of mine, is now going through some problems with her heart. She has a whole in her heart and mitral valve prolapse. We did not know of this until after she gave birth in 1984. She has very good physicians and of course she researches everything before any procedure. He doctors have told her she needs to have that valve repaired. She is not rushing into it but still needs to have procedures done before the operation. She just emailed me re: two places in NY for Mitral Valve Repair. One is at NYU and the other below.

Mitral Valve Repair Center at The Mount Sinai Hospital: I would appreciate it if you could give me the name of a Surgeon at Mt Sinai.

Should she decide on this one , I will ask her to contact you while there if that is OK with you. She lives in East Hampton, NY and her name is Nikki Giannini. She is 54 yrs old.

Thank you again for all you did for me, and congratulations on all your success.

Perry S.

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention the fine work of Dr. Elton Strauss. On September 22, Dr. Strauss did a hip replacement of an existing failed prosthesis on my mother, an 87-year-old patient with a number of risk factors beyond her age; including a triple heart valve replacement also done at Mt. Sinai many years ago by Dr. Landsman. She was in constant pain, and I can honestly say, found her life unlivable. After thoroughly pointing out in detail the risks involved, Dr. Strauss agreed to take on her case. His level of skill as a surgeon can only be matched by his level of compassion. My mom had a bit of a rough time with her recovery but is now doing well. We can thank Dr Strauss for making her life livable again and will be forever grateful for his "pushing the envelope" in the interest of compassionate care.


Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity over the last three years. Thank you also for helping my grandfather Larry in his time of need and pain. I can't thank you enough! I think you are a great surgeon and also an outstanding person and humanitarian. My family and I are very grateful for all you have done. I will never forget it!